Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our "Recently Asked Questions" category. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

In order to make financing possible, we require a business registration, a copy of your identity card and a business management report (BWA).

We deliver only against surcharge. To enable delivery, we need your e-mail address as well as your postal code and place of residence.

It is possible to export to third countries. We will gladly issue an export accompanying document (ABD) for this purpose. Please note that a deposit in the amount of 19% must be paid.

We will gladly assist you in applying for short-term and export license plates at the registration office. For this, you should make an appointment with us and be there in person.

A sale within the EU is possible net, however, this requires the specification of your sales tax identification number (USTID), a business registration and a copy of identification.

We accept cash payment as well as bank transfer. We also offer financing through our house bank.